Details of Opportunity Knox 4th visit to Tiira Village in Eastern Uganda (May 18th to June 4th 2018)

Our plan for this visit was to speak to parents of all of the 60 families that we support, as a group, and distribute flyers in their own local language of various documents that had been interpreted for us previously at such group meetings. The reason for this was that everyone would now have a document in their own language of what we hoped to achieve and what their role and responsibility as well as their children’s would be. We completed this on our first weekend in a local hall we hired and we had Wilson Bulwa, a former employee of World Vision Uganda, translate for us.

We has also set ourselves the task with meeting each child individually, and for the younger ones accompanied by their mother or father, so that we could review their most recent end of term report to see what their attendance, conduct and effort was as well as to get an idea of their level of ability and to see if there was any further support we could offer to the child. As there were just over 200 children to meet you will not be surprised to learn that it took 8 full days of work. Ursula conducted a brief reading test and some writing activities where appropriate. She found out the interests of many of the children who wanted to improve their English and we will bring some appropriated books and magazines with us on our next visit.


Download PDF with full text and photos of our June 2018 visit