April 6, 2017
pdf OK Report 2019-2020
2019-2020 Annual Report
pdf Audited Accounts 2019-2020
Audited Accounts
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2018/19 Audit Report
pdf Audit Report 2018 – 2019
2018/19 Audit Report
pdf Annual Report 2018 – 2019
2018/19 Annual Report
pdf Annual Report 2018
2018 Annual Report
pdf 2017-2018 OK Accounts
Audited Accounts
pdf 2018 to 30th June OK Accounts
Audited Accounts
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The charity constitution
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The main aims of the charity
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Notice of income tax registration
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Certification of Incorporation
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Charity Tax Exemption
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Charitable status approval
pdf Opportunity Knox Annual Report 2017
Annual Report
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Annual accounts